Twinkie's Fast 2 Fab Album!

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One of my hubby's dear friends is a photographer, and when he visited the twins for the first time in the hospital, he literally spent hours just photographing them (and everyone around us! lol.) so I had a massive stack of photos waiting to be scrapped, except I wasn't sure if I wanted to do so many elaborate layouts of the same day and not so many of the other days we were there (weird, I know, but that's just me!) Anyhoo, I found the perfect solution a couple of months ago thanks to one of my beautifulest buddies (Bethany - this means YOU!!) when she introduced me to the Creative Memories' new Fast 2 Fab albums!  Pre-made layouts, that you can use as is, or embellish to your hearts content, thanks to the coordinating "Slide-in Packs".  I literally finished the entire album in just one weekend (you could probably do it in one sitting but I of course have these 2 chatterboxes to keep me sidetracked every 5 minutes!) :)  I even added an entire pack of Pocket Pages for the extra photos that I still wanted to keep/show.  I'm so thrilled over these albums and I just know I'll be making more!  They're the perfect answer to getting whole albums completed, telling your stories, and they make fantastic gifts too! Here's a little sampling of my favorite layouts!!


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