Feelin ' Patriotic!


One of the things I love most about stamps is their potential versatility.  It's really very easy to make a few changes to an image to suit your particular need.  I always feel like I've had a stroke of genius when I manage to pull off something that just "looks" like a great idea in my head! (note, this does NOT happen very often! lol..)

I made this next card using one of the very popular StampingBella stamps.  I've had several of their stamps for a while, but I haven't really used them, as something just wasn't clicking for me!  but anyhow, I went shopping for some delicious brand new paper at A.C. Moore and among my finds was this gorgeous "raised lettering" paper which just happened to have the perfect colors to match my camouflage paper, and I thought about doing a girlie military-inspired card, and of course, who would just be the perfect girlie girl for the job?  Well it was Cosmobella to the rescue!  She needed a few minor alterations (the girl can't be too patriotic with the cosmopolitan glass in her hand!!) and of course, her original wardrobe had to be altered and I have to say, she really came through - I was very happy with the end result!!  See what I mean about versatility????  I drew in her boots, flag, and hat, and she was ready to go!

Gibellacopyrite On a more serious note, I have to admit the inspiration for this card was really just an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the many special men and women who, although we may not think of it at every moment, are risking their lives and sacrificing everything for each of us and for our country.  Words could never express the gratitude I feel towards each and every one of them, especially those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice.  Regardless of anyone's political views and/or feelings about the war, the strength and courage of these men and women (and their families) should be remembered and recognized each and every day. 

Stamping allows us the freedom of creative expression and a large part of that is having the ability to express many different emotions and occasions through our craft.  This was my way of remembering and simply saying "thank you".


  1. Very cool bella...nice to see her in a new light!

  2. This is awesome! You did a great job!

  3. I didn't know you had a blog and to be totally honest I don't even know how I came across it but when I saw your picture I was freaking out. I kept pointing to the computer shouting at my husband " That's her, That's her! She's the one who did that awesome Bella makeover" Needless to say my husband din't understand my excitement! Glad I found your blog! I will be here often!

  4. Love the cami paper. Great card! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'll be back.

  5. this is a great card, everything about it rocks, love the camo look I wear camo alot! great paper and love that stamp!

  6. Wow! I thought she was a new stamp they put out!!! Superb job!!!


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