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Do you ever find yourself playing catch-up? well, that's the general theme of what I'm gearing up to do these days! 

It is so overwhelming that I can't even figure out where to start! However, I told myself that I actually have to START instead of just looking at the mountains of supplies, photos and just generally waiting for the scrapbooking fairy to magically appear from somewhere and make my albums appear!  

Anyway, with that in mind, I made a couple of simple layouts, using whatever supplies I had in my immediate area, not stressing over the embellishments, or distressing or sewing and all the fun stuff I prefer to use, and decided to focus solely on the photos, and just telling an re-living the moments! 
Can you believe this little guy is now 15??  (see??  when I said "catch-up" I meant Just this past Thursday, he started his Sophomore year in High School...

Time flies right? This is why scrapbooking is so incredibly important to me.  The little things, the big things, every story is worth telling!  Thank you for joining me on this "renewed" journey, it means the world to me!  


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