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Happy Tuesday!!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!! 

I have been itching to share some of my recent scrapbook pages, and this by far one of my favorites! mostly because I've been on a recent mission to use my Cricut, and this was just SO much fun to make! I used the Life's a Beach cartridge to make this submarine - how cool is this??


I just LOVE this picture - I took it using a disposable waterproof camera, so the quality is not the best, but I love that I caught him at just the right moment!  This was under one of the "waves" from Typhoon Lagoon at our Disney trip this summer!  SO fun!

The "waves" you see behind the sub's portholes are folded Prima Flowers!  I thought they looked cute that way (besides, I'm always happy to use as many flowers as I can on my "boy" layouts just because I love them so much!!) One day he's going to throw darts at my pictures for that, but I'll take my chances!! LOL..

Here's another layout using the same Cricut Cartridge (it is definitely a must have in my book!!)


definitely in major vacation mode as you can see!!  I used some stickers (the toucan, the girl and surfboards) but what I like to do is to mount my stickers on cardstock and then cut them out so I can add them to my layouts using dimensionals.  They look a lot better in my opinion, not to mention, they're stronger and you can layer them!  easy huh??

Thanks for letting me share these with you!!  One more thing!  loookie here what I got from my lovely super gorgeous buddy Donna:


AWWW!! Smiley from millan.net  is she the sweetest or what??? SO now I'm supposed to list 7 Random things about me:

  1. I collect Anne Frank books (my fascination with her story came at an early age, so I have TONS of them. All different covers, sizes, documentaries, you name it!).

  2. I am a HUGE Elvis freak.  I LOVE my Elvis.  (I went to Memphis for a conference for work about 6 years ago and nearly missed my flight because I snuck out and took a cab to look at the outside of Graceland when I was supposed to be at the airport.) (SO WORTH IT!!)

  3. There is not a craft I do not love. I crochet, knit, paint etc.. (of course, I'm the queen of unfinished projects, but hey, it's the thought that counts right?? I love making stuff!

  4. I'm a night owl.  I am always bright eyed and bushy tailed once midnight rolls around, but I always wake up early which is why...

  5. I LOVE makeup.  I always have major raccoon eyes, so my concealer is my best friend.  I would make one fine drag queen. sigh. I just looove my paint.Smiley from millan.net

  6. I bake a lot!! I love making all sorts of pastries and desserts even though my cooking skills leave much to be desired.   I can't make meatballs to save my life, but I can bake like nobody's business! (who needs to eat real food anyway??)

  7. I'm terrified of heights. I can't even use a stepladder around my house.  I squeal like a chick every time I need to change a lightbulb.. (usually I just wait it out until he comes home)

Ha! there you have it! me in a nutshell!  (fascinating, I know...Smiley from millan.net)

Okay so now for the real fun stuff!  I get to pick 7 fabulous bloggers to pass this award down to:







Every single one of these ladies rocks! You must check them out for major eye candy, I stalk them all!

Thanks so much for stopping by!




  1. Thanks Alex! Your layouts are just darling!

  2. fun scrapbook pages! you're too funny-I love what you shared~we totally have the unfinished projects & various crafts in common! thanks for playing along, sweetie!

  3. Hi Alex,
    So obviously I am behind (its really not unusual). Thanks for passing along this award and sharing your own info. Its always fun to learn new things :)
    I also wanted to stop by and wish you a very merry Christmas!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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