it ' s gone!!

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it's official - my mojo is goneSmiley from on strike. 

sniff.. actually the truth is I've had a rough week, so nothing wears me down than feeling stressed out!  I'm trying to switch gears and focus on other things while it comes back!! 

What other things, you ask??

Adding my homegirl smurfette to my collection. Seriously Divine. OMG.

(among a few other little things I picked up at my home away from home...)

Still working on training the new baby.  Tyson brings the dog count to 3. (don't even ask)

(Rae says since his dad never let them have pets growing up, he's making up for lost time.  Lucky me.)

...and trying to tackle my fear of frying since Rae has a new-found love for Dominican Food since he found El Rancho Jubilee near his beloved marina.  I'm going to start hitting up my friend Sandra for some lessons, and trolling this site for inspiration.  Besides if I have any hope of ever getting these babies I have to start making my case.  I have a feeling just batting my eyes is not gonna work anymore - that's so 5 years ago!!

I hope to try to ink up the JustRite Christmas Treasures stamps that I just received.  It's my first time trying out these stamps so I'm hoping they will get me out of my funk since they are just gorgeous!!

I promise to post something yummy tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!


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