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Hello September!  Hard to believe it's fall again!! Here we've been busy recovering from germy bugs (thank God) and getting ready for back to school! New clothes (well, uniforms!) new school supplies (ahhh the smell!!) BY FAR my most favorite time of year..shhh..don't tell or I shall forever be banned from a certain 9-year old's life!! 

Speaking of, I spent a wonderful couple of days at my table catching up on my scrapbooking! I say "catching up", very, very loosely - just to give you an idea of just HOW loosely - the other day I was at a crop working on two winter layouts minding my own business, when a nice lady walking by says "OMG what cute boys you have!!" Layout #1: fifteen-month old.  Layout #2: eight year old.  yup. I smugly turn to her and say "thanks, but, it's the same one." uh-huh.. catching up indeed. Oh well, the way I see it - more stuff for me to buy. Anyhoo.. I've been a busy scrappin' fool! no cards made in the past week! BUT I will share my layouts (whether you want me to or not, so there.)  This first one is by far one of my new favorites.  I managed to get this picture of my little monkey as he was playing with his legos or something and heaven he just looks SO angelic (who knew!!) I just couldn't resist!


AWWW!! I KNOWW!! (okay, so I'm biased) still, not too shabby huh?? and what about the page?  So love all these cool "boy" papers and fun embellies.  What a cool, fun way to just play!  I absolutely love scrapbooking - I still have my very first layouts, and boy do I feel I've come a long way.. Not so  much in "skill" though my style has changed quite a bit, but I find that now, 9 years later, I have so much more of a greater appreciation for the life we live, the stories we tell and the importance of sharing those moments with future generations.  Corny, I know, but so cool to feel this passionate about something right?? 

Here's to a very cool month! Rock on sistahs!!



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