It's the little things...


that are the world's biggest headaches!!


Despite the thrill of my brand new love affair with Cat's Pajamas stamps, I struggled with this card for about 3 days, I kid you not.  Before I start to kvetch, let me point out the cuteness in this stamp from the Having a Pow Wow set.  Do you not just want to squeeze her???!!! She's carrying her baby on her back for heaven's sake!! OMG!! can you stand it?? 

Anyway, I was just dying to use her and my whole saga began..why? I just do not know! it started so innocently - the base was too big, the patterns too blah, nothing looked right.. so the layers came and went, embellishments ripped off and right back to square one.  Poor little Pocahontas Kitty (yes, I named her. 'nuff said)  she just looked at me with disdain and waited for me to wake up and smell the Copics!

Finally, I just gave up. This is what I finally managed to put together and well, 3 days later, I'm happy to report I actually like it.  There's lots on it for such a small card (4"sq) and well as I always say, good things come in small packages...


I was thisclose to packing up my markers and calling it over for my career.  Luckily, I remembered I just got new stamps in the mail and I couldn't give up just yet!  Incidentally I'm happy to report I am now the proud owner on my replacement Colorless Blender.  he's baaack...I will forever be grateful to All That Scraps for sending me my lifelong partner "speedy quick".. ahh..heaven!

Thanks again for checking in and stay tuned 'cause I'm up to no good - I will be posting a fabulous Halloween project for those of us who have to make class gifts!!   (MY personal favorite!!)

Happy Thursday!


  1. I HATE when I have issues like that too. But it came out gorgeous as always! Aren't the TCP stamps the cutest. They're so much fun to color! And you dah mastah Copic gal. I'm glad you and number 0 got reunited. GROSSSSS, sorry, I'm watching Man Vs Wild... he's eating a raw heart! Disgusting. Okay, sorry I just had to share that with you. haha. He's cute and all, but that was gross. Hugs jenn

  2. Love this! what a fun image and super flower and stitching - wonderful DP's on this!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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