fawnd of U..


no time like the present to be under the weather right?? Sneezing
Indeed, just in time for the weekend and with no regard to the million things I have to get done..my poor "everything" aches and I can't stop sneezing.. ugh, no energy for anything, but I did manage to finish putting this page together, and I'm just SO proud of myself!


Are they not stinkin' adorable?? This is my little munchkin and his BFF since Pre-K. they are both just inseparable and yes 90% of the time they're at each others throats but it's just so darn cute to watch!!   
I was so beyond happy I came across these pictures - they're so much bigger now, time really flies!! Also,  having  her in the layout allows me to use girly stuff, and lord knows I LIVE for this stuff!! The title of the layout is actually the name of the paper, so it was just perfect for them! I got to use my prima flowers, Heidi Swapp bling, glitter Thickers, ric-rac! you name it, i threw it on!  Like my friend Sandra and I always say: if it shines, has glitter or ruffles, sign us up! we're Latin (no further explanation necessary) Teehee

'kay seriously, I KNOW you're going to ask where I got the gorgeous paper from right?  no? well, I'm going to tell you anyway.  It just so happens that I JUST got an email from one of my favorite places to shop for my scrapbooking goodies and I wanted to share because I am nice like that.

40% off your entire purchase at JustLetMeScrapbook just for today!! (ALL day!!)use code FRIDAY40  and yes, they carry the coolest paper ever (including the one I used!!)   BE SURE to mention my name when you order (it will get you absolutely nothing - in fact, I'm sure they have no clue I even exist, I just like saying that.) 

Enough silliness for today, I think I need my meds and some hot tea ASAP..!  enjoy shopping and have a fabulous Friday!!


  1. Okay, beautiful!!! Love it love it love it. I love all the bling and everything that's going on in there. Gorgeous! Now I have to go see this store. I never heard of it. Thanks for enabling me now. Haha, love you BASBFF!!!! Hugs and big wet smoochies, Jenn

  2. Found you through Jenn's blog! I love this great page - what a wonderful keepsake of your son and his BFF! love that paper and all the adornments! hope you are feeling better!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I found your blog. I am in love with your work, and spent considerable time looking around. Congrats on getting published. I have yet to submit work.


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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