Back to School!!

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Today is one of those nice crisp, cool days leading into fall!! I absolutely love this time of year!! My personal favorite - Back to
School time!!


Even though it's been a few days since my little one went back to school I figured this would be a nice card to give him in celebration of his first full week back at school!! (I also kind of have to make up for the fact that I am enrolling him in the basketball team, which he has promptly informed me, is going to ruin his life..)so anyhoo, this is what he's getting and I might just include a little B&N gift-card so he can buy himself a fun book!  See... nice mommy.. (NOT! :)

On another note - I hope you all know this whole thing was just an excuse so that I could put my Edwin stamp to use.. Can we take a moment to just talk about how STINKIN' cute these Magnolia stamps are???? OMG!!! I swear I should be fined for using the word cute SOOO much, but can you blame me??? Stunning, I tell ya!!! this had to be my favorite "boy" stamp EVAH, see for yourself:


I bough Edwin at Jen's fabulous LittleCs Shop  she has a fantastic selection of these (and many other super cute stamps, and fabulous fast shipping!!)  I had some extras on a now-retired SU! Simply Scrappin kit, which I used to make the card.  I should apologize, and I deserve to be shunned from the stamping community for the hideous lighting on this card, not sure why BUT I could not get the reds in the shirt to photograph properly so it kind of looks like I colored it with my eyes closed!  SO SORRY! meanwhile, imagine the look on my face when I realized I rammed the tip of my copic blender onto my table without the cap on, and it has now met it's resting place at Copic heaven.  Of course, God forbid I should do the smart thing and have replacement nibs on hand. Nope, not in this house, sorry.  Needless to say I am awaiting delivery of a new blender (and replacement nibs) from 3 different stores. Let's see who wins my "shipper of the week" prize..tee-hee.. what can I say, I amuse myself quite easily..

Thanks for checking in!! and be SURE to check in tomorrow when I will post my newest Owl card!!!

Happy Fall Y'all!! :)


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