Back to School!!

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Today is one of those nice crisp, cool days leading into fall!! I absolutely love this time of year!! My personal favorite - Back to
School time!!


Even though it's been a few days since my little one went back to school I figured this would be a nice card to give him in celebration of his first full week back at school!! (I also kind of have to make up for the fact that I am enrolling him in the basketball team, which he has promptly informed me, is going to ruin his life..)so anyhoo, this is what he's getting and I might just include a little B&N gift-card so he can buy himself a fun book!  See... nice mommy.. (NOT! :)

On another note - I hope you all know this whole thing was just an excuse so that I could put my Edwin stamp to use.. Can we take a moment to just talk about how STINKIN' cute these Magnolia stamps are???? OMG!!! I swear I should be fined for using the word cute SOOO much, but can you blame me??? Stunning, I tell ya!!! this had to be my favorite "boy" stamp EVAH, see for yourself:


I bough Edwin at Jen's fabulous LittleCs Shop  she has a fantastic selection of these (and many other super cute stamps, and fabulous fast shipping!!)  I had some extras on a now-retired SU! Simply Scrappin kit, which I used to make the card.  I should apologize, and I deserve to be shunned from the stamping community for the hideous lighting on this card, not sure why BUT I could not get the reds in the shirt to photograph properly so it kind of looks like I colored it with my eyes closed!  SO SORRY! meanwhile, imagine the look on my face when I realized I rammed the tip of my copic blender onto my table without the cap on, and it has now met it's resting place at Copic heaven.  Of course, God forbid I should do the smart thing and have replacement nibs on hand. Nope, not in this house, sorry.  Needless to say I am awaiting delivery of a new blender (and replacement nibs) from 3 different stores. Let's see who wins my "shipper of the week" prize..tee-hee.. what can I say, I amuse myself quite easily..

Thanks for checking in!! and be SURE to check in tomorrow when I will post my newest Owl card!!!

Happy Fall Y'all!! :)

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  1. Oh, dear. He's such a cutie pie. I love that star! Wait, I love everything about this card. You're so clever. I love you. Can I have your autograph? BTW, when are we going to do another swap. We have to do one more or we'll get the boot. haha. Oh wait, you did two right? Damn you. Well, can you do another one with me. Pweety, Pweety, Pwalease! Thank you! hugs me


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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