Watch Out SLC!!

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Here I cooooooome!!

Aeroplane Okay girls. I'm going to be leaving to the airport shortly!!! I've got my swaps, extra mono adhesive and all my new gorgeous fit-for-the-finest-of-drag-queens MAC eyeshadows..I'm ALL set!! YAY!! 

I downloaded typepad onto my iPhone and I'm good to go (let's hope it works!!) So if you won't be attending the Stampin' Up convention, be sure to check in if you want lots of spoilers and pictures and posts coming to you live!! Okay, I am totally thinking this is the Oscars.. I of course, will be the Joan Rivers of the red carpet..including the botox, of course.. :)

If you're coming to convention  - See you there!! and if you're not, not to worry -I will bring it to you!!

Lots of hugs and SAFE flights everyone!


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