Special Delivery!!


Img_1975<-----Shamelessly "caseing" Jenn (luv ya BASBFF) with my "preview picture"

Okay ANYhoo, ladies RUN, don't walk to your local Stampin' Up Demo and order your choice of either of the Special Delivery Simply Scrappin Kits.  Order one for each of your kiddies (even the ones you don't like all that much - I kid, I kid!!) and even any potential future ones!! LOL.. I'm not kidding!  remember these will only be available for a couple of more weeks!!

Okay seriously, this project is purrrrfect for using those "excess" baby pictures we all have stored in photo boxes, or even those which have already been scrapped but they are just SOO cute so you made 10 copies of each (okay, was that just me??)

These chipboard books are an absolute blast - they are made by BoBunny and they come in several themes SO you can really do a lot with them.  I absolutely LOOOOve them!! I am the proud owner of every single one they make and I will definitely be needing more after this one! 

Anyway I was so proud of myself 'cause I finished this really quickly, and I LOVE it.   I was reading a article written by my Patron Saint (aka Ali Edwards) and she mentioned that when creating mini-books it's a good idea to stick to one line of product to achieve an uniform, finished look, and not be tempted to use all the different goodies we love to collect (I'm paraphrasing of course - I don't think that was even coherent but anyhoo :)  whatever she said, I listened AND she was SO right (naturally).  I forced myself to use ONLY the simply scrappin kit in completing this project and it was more than enough!  I Loved the finished product, and by the way I have a TON of stuff left over from the kit even after adding an extra page in the back to "cover" my book.  I used my trusty Tim Holtz distress ink for the edges (of everything!!), and thats IT!!

Here's my most prized possession (and you can see my little boy too! LOL)

Img_1957 Here's the full book. (the rings are 3/4", from RustyPickle)

Img_1972 I didn't do a great job photographing the back of the first "B", but you can see a teeny part of it and this is the front of the "A" page.

Here's the back of the A and the front of the 2nd B page.

Here's the back of the second B.

and the front of the Y (don't worry, almost over now :)

Img_1965 (Sorry for the lighting on this pic) but here you have, finally, the last "cutout" page and the front of the "back cover" I added so that I could add more pictures to the back of the Y (I was SOO not going to waste all that gorgeous space) and so I needed something to protect whatever was going on behind there!   I'm happy to report it worked out perfectly!

So there you have it my friends!! I hope you like my little book, I highly encourage you all try one!!
As always, thanks for stopping by :)

Happy Scrappy Monday!!!


  1. Where have you been my LOVE?? Now I know!! You've been scrappin'! Love it! Love it! Love it!!! Okay, girl you got loads of discipline... I would have NEVER been able to use only one product. But I get what you mean. It doesn't look cluttered! I shamelessly use EVERY product in my arsenal for my pages. LOL. I can't hold back. I must embellish until there are no glue dots left! heehee. I'm glad you took a break. it's looking more and more that your BASBFF needs a break too. While you were gone, mojo left with you. ***sigh*** But hubby just told me I have a big-ol' Papertrey Box waiting for me! I went gung-hoo and ordered the I Want it All for July! Wooohooo! Anyhoo, babe love the book! Love you! And love that you're BACK!!!! Oh, Happy Day! Lovin' You, Jennjenn

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful! I saw the books in a scrapbooking magazine last night. I LOVE how you used the SS kit. I am going to have to go and find the book and get scrapping! What a fabulous gift to give a new mom!

  3. What a beautiful baby book!!!! You did great! Your baby is beautiful too!!!

  4. Hi Alex! Glad your back! I am back as well, summer semester is over and I have 3 weeks of stamping time before college starts again in August! Your book is gorgeous, I am in awe. So very talented, girl!Hugs~Kris Reynolds

  5. This is gorgeous and so inspiring! I think I will certainly have to pick up a few of these next time I am in my LSS!

  6. Christine (kiki)July 31, 2008 at 5:47 PM

    OMGoodness, this book is fantabulous!!!! I have a scrapbbok store near me that cuts these books to order. they even cut the paper but would need to ask if they would cut the SU paper (bet they would for a small fee). If there is a special word you want let me know and I can hook you up...I will see if they have a website. I think I saw another blog that had a link to a site that does this as well. I will investigate and let you know!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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