Tagged!! YAY!


OMG!! I've been tagged!! Yay and not only that BUT I was tagged by Jodi (Kharmagirl), who not only happens to be a fellow NYer, but she's also super gorgeous AAAND an SCS Dirty Girl!!! OMG!!! It's like being summoned by the queen!! I feel embarrassed just typing this with my hair not done!! good heavens!!

Okay so here's the scoop:

The "rules" of the game: Each player answers questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

Ten Years Ago: I was working full time doing therapy at a childhood center for children with special needs.  My bulletin boards were THE most elaborate and "my babies" rocked the hottest sticker charts EVAH!! :)

Five Things in Today's "To Do" List:
1)Laundry (ugh); I would rather chew off my right arm - seriously.

2)Lunch at my inlaws. (see #1 for commentary.. LOL… JUST KIDDING)

3)Sunday trip to bookstore with DH (lots of new Stamp/Scrap mags!!)

4)Get dinner “ready” (Order Sushi from our favorite place which is exactly one block away) aaahhh.

5) Must finish swaps for GSG2 swap. (I’m having anxiety attacks over this one!)

Snacks I enjoy:

I'm addicted to Asian “bubble” teas - Mango green tea, my absolute fave!  Oh and pretty much anything dark chocolate!

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire: Give to charity of course! All the usual stuff.. I'd buy my mommy a gorgeous house, and one for my dad (in a far away country) (LOL..he's obnoxious) and I'd buy my sister a divorce from my loser BIL.. tee-hee okay I'm horrible, just teasing (sort of)Laugh3 okay seriously.. I’d buy lots of stamps and killer heels!!

Places I have Lived: New Yawk!! Though I must say I’m looking forward to moving to Lake Como with George Clooney. (shh…DON’T tell DH ..)

Whoo-hoo...now I get to tag 5 more stampers! Check these super-talented chickies out!

Jenn Muraoka

Lisa Moore

Monique Van Keuren

Jennifer Meyer

Kristi Reynolds

So fun!! Thanks for the tag Jodi, you rock!!


  1. Hi babes! Oh, you just crack me up. That's why I lub YOU! I'm playin' hookie now. I'm supposed to be finishing a HUGE exam and paper. So I might not get to answer your tag for a bit. And I am honored that you would tag me in the first place. And I am stressing about the swap too!!! Dumb question...Do we include envelopes? Haha, I'm so lame. And I have no idea about the whole postage thing. You'll have to excuse me... I don't have many brain cells. The ones I currently have keeps me from poopin' in my pants and gets me dressed in the morning so I don't go to work in my skibbies! Lub ya, your BASBFF!

  2. You crack me up.. Love ya... :)

  3. Hey, girl! Thanks for the tag! I was just tagged by Jdi as well! I am definately loving your blog~ I will be casing you alot! {I so need me some Bellas!} Hugs~Kristi p.s. can I add you to my blogroll?

  4. Hey babe! Where the heck are you!? I miss my BASBFF! You my girlie girl! I need another one-of-a-kind-Alex-creation...I know that's why I don't have mojo. Cause I don't have you to draw my inspiration from!!!!!!!!! I left you an award back on my blog! Love you, Jenn


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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