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Well, I shuffled my precious cargo off to begin 3rd grade yesterday!!  It was a very exciting (and short) day!  and of course being the last minute Larry that I am, I only got around to making his new teacher her "back to school" gift yesterday while he was AT school, anyhow, I'm telling myself I did that intentionally so that he could bring it in to her today instead, once the first-day madness subsided - as it was, the poor teacher ended up getting swamped in the school yard by every parent, so I'm thinking this was a good thing!!

I always am so impressed by those of you awesome stampers who make all sorts of nifty little stamped gifts - I always have every intention to make some, but I end up procrastinating! (I swear it's out of fear that stuff won't come out right) but anyway, I made a couple of little things for her, and I swear I was so pleased that it all went quickly and so smoothly!  I used one sheet of 12x12 cardstock, and I literally had a few scraps left over!  It was hard to just stop.. but I didn't want to show off TOO much because then everything else can end up being a let down, KWIM?

Well here's what I made:

Teachergifts The pencil cup is from Prima and it was so easy to cover - I used ModPodge, and I used my walnut ink to just shade the top and bottom edges (since it is just unfinished particle board or whatever they make those out of :) )

I made her a travel tissue holder from a pattern by the uber talented Julie Ebersole (JulieHrr), and the box with the flap is filled with chocolate kisses. The pattern can be found Here!

The post it note holder, I just made out of whatever scrap I had available and I got the Beaded Pen tutorial also from SCS (don't you just love SCS!!!)

I was so proud of myself when I found a little candle  in a tin and it so happened that my last 1" scrap of paper fit perfectly around it!  but wait, it gets better.. I made a sheer mess out of trying to remove the label that was on the lid, so I punched put a scalloped circle and even though it ended up being bigger than the lid I thought it looked cute.  I then added one of my big prima flowers and a decorative Making Memories brad was just the right finishing touch.  That was the finisher because the thought of all that coming off from the lid and revealing the hideous mess underneath was giving me an anxiety attack, so I used my click'it tool to pierce a hole through the metal and put the brad right through it so that my sins would forever be hidden (well at least the stamping ones Flirtyeyess

here's my candle!  Isn't it cute?? Candle_3 Teachergiftwrapped

oh, and here's the finished product ready to be delivered by my handsome 3rd grader, (who mind you, informed me this morning that his teacher already has a pencil cup and tissue box...)

NOT like this one I should think!! :)

Happy back to school everyone!!


  1. Oh this is just too cute. I love the colors I love the way you packaged it. JUST fantastic.

  2. LOVE IT.... I will be casing this..


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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