a fresh start for a new year

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I have decided 2012 needs a new home, and I finally found it! I've been blogging for quite some time now, mostly focusing on my crafty creations featuring rubber-stamps for several wonderful companies, however this year has brought many changes to my life. welcome changes for sure!

My beautiful twins were born earlier this year and my life has drastically changed! Gone are the days of working 4 hours just to create the "perfect" card, or spending hours on a single scrapbook layout! Frankly, these days it's a huge success to end a day wearing a shirt not covered in spit-up. (so far, that has not happened yet!) still, I wouldn't trade it for the world and adding these little blessings to my life have made this journey so much more interesting. I have discovered a whole new world in becoming a mommy again after 11 years, and every day is a fun new adventure. I hope you'll join me in my little chaotic, but crafty corner!


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