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Okay sugarbunnies!!  I have some fabulous news I can finally share!!!Smiley from


well, look at this snazzy new bling I've got!!

Alex Maldonado

I'm officially a trendsetter!!  whoo-hoo!!  I was so excited when the lovely and soooo very cool Jessica invited me to join her fabulous design team!  I could NOT be more excited to work with the amazing ladies that make up the Trendsetters, and even more so to work with these fun stamps - my very first TSG set was Tastes Like Chicken, and I fell in love!! Seriously, could stamps get any cooler??

I love that There She Goes has everything from elegant to cute and downright funny! I'm so excited to be a part of this fun team and I can't wait to show you the fun stuff I've been working on with my new stamps!! Be sure to visit the There She Goes Blog to take a peek at all the new additions to the team!! 

Thanks for sharing in this new adventure of mine!! 



  1. Congrats!! I am anxious to see what you cook up with TSG!

  2. WAHOO!!!!! Jessica told me someone new was comin on board and YAY YOU!!!!! TSG stamps are FUN FUN FUN and the owner.... TOTALLY AWESOME... Matt will make you pee your pants with some of his witty comments... the girls... stinkin CUTE!!!! WELCOME TO TSG!!!!!

  3. Welcome to the team, Alex!! Super excited to have you with us. Look forward to getting to know you! Rock on!!

  4. oh, yeah!!! so happy to see your name on this list. you're gonna love working with the team and I can't wait to see more of your amazing work!

  5. Do you have ANY idea how FLIPPIN' excited I am? Seriously girl...I am SO excited! Congrats!!!

  6. Girl - you've got some explaining to do! I'm over the moon excited for you! Man you can keep a secret - ping me when you get a second...hope we can catch up! Hugs & Love roomie!

  7. Hey forgot to tell you - I'm anxiously awaiting the following sets: - Polka Dot Blossom, Daily Grind, Polka Dot Pals, and Bit of Stardust, hope you get some of these cause I can't wait to see what you do with them!


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