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It is only fitting that today is so rainy and dreary in NY.  Eight years ago today it was a beautiful morning and I remember driving to work like many people - without even so much as imagining what was about to happen, and how it would affect our lives forever.

I will not pretend to imagine or even understand the grief that people who lost a loved one in these horrific attacks experience on a daily basis.  I only know that for me, thinking about this day, or driving past the site where the towers once stood, like I did just last week, never fails to bring tears to my eyes.  It is a sadness that never really goes away, for so many reasons.  Truthfully, I don't ever want to ever feel any differently.  I can't imagine ever "forgetting", but I will not take the loss of so many for granted.  I hope and pray that everyone remembers this day, forever.


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  1. Thanks for your heartfelt thoughts. It's always a "hard" day for me as well. I will NEVER forget either. While I try not to watch any of the news or scenes from that horrible day (It just hurts too much) in my heart I still feel incredible saddness, and sometimes even "anger" towards those who carried out the attacks that I just can't help but cry. God Bless


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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