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I'm continuing my winter trend!! Can you tell it's my favorite season??


This is another of my cards submitted for my DT application - I SO love this BasicGrey paper.. anything that looks so yummy grungy is just fine by me! 

This challenge was to make something unexpected, and let me preface this by saying this will give you insight as to what a complete airhead I am, I can't even believe I am typing this, but here it goes..  So I got the challenge right.. something unexpected.. okay, so I look at the "Bird Perch" stamp, and I'm like "OMG!! that would make SUCH a cool snowglobe"  and so I'm sitting there thinking I am just da BOMB for having just thought of THE most original thing to do with this stamp and so I come up with this:


SO I added the little houses in the "snowglobe" ornament, and lots of glitter and little confetti, and even some liquid applique for snow!  real clever right?? well.. not so much.. a few hours after my cards were making their merry way through the postal system I was looking through the OBP store and lo and behold, I came across the aforementioned bird perch..only this is what it's called in the store catalog:

plain perch snowglobe cakestand


thats correct. snowglobe. I would most certainly say this was my "something unexpected" alright. 

any more bright, innovative ideas Alex?  Stay tuned. sigh..

Just for kicks, here's a little closeup of my super-duper idea :)


Hope you're having a bright and shiny weekend!! Hugs! :)


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  1. Oh, don't be TOO hard on yourself ;) I think it's beautiful! Very shabby chic!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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