Howdy y'all!!


There's a new Sheriff in town! and she's very, very sassy!


I cannot even begin to tell you how fun these Cat's Pajamas stamps are!! Absolutely adorable!  I completely fell in love when I saw the amazing creations my personal enabler, Jenn has posted on her blog recently.  Is she not ridiculously amazing??? Seriously, I'm trying to figure out how I can convince her to let me move into her living room just so I can absorb some of her genius.. (actually I could use some of the Hawaiian tropics too :) ahh.. a girl can dream right?? well, anyhoo, back to this fabulous kitty!  Is she to die for or what??


I ended up paper-piecing her outfit because I just cannot blend properly at the moment!! sniff...I'm still waiting for my Copic blender to arrive :(, so in the meantime, I used patterned paper for everything (but I did use my markers to shade a bit for some added ooomph though! This ended up being super easy and quick too!  I used lots of layers and lots of messy ink, which is always a big plus!! I just loved my little Dixie chick!!

The ribbon is from my girlfriend Martha, and I thought it added a cute girlie touch.  One thing I must say, although I habitually worship the ground she walks on, I was not impressed with the material on this one, it actually feels kind of.. cheap. (one second please, just waiting for lightning to strike me).. 'kay, all better now...I know, I know, I'm really pushing it this morning. what can I say. Lack of caffeine in massive doses is affecting my ability to keep my trap shut.

Thanks for checking in and hope your Monday is a happy one!


  1. Alex this card is super cute!!! I mean it. It is so different and just utterly adorable. I was about to hop off the computer and I decided to check out one last persons blog that I love and I am so happy I came here! This card is too cute!

  2. Shes so cool and cute, its a really great card. I like the colors to. Good job.

  3. Great card!! Love it!
    I'm in your GSG2, thought I'd stop by and check you out. I haven't had the chance to since I was invited a few months ago.
    Oh, saw that you love the BG kit. Ok, so I signed up for the 2008 design school and submitted my page but I got retarded and didn't see the AM. I thought the deadline was 10PM. Ahhh... oh well. Still going to play along tho. Very inspirational!!

  4. OMG, I'm rolling. I was thinking, YOU'RE MINE! So I clicked on the link and had the best laugh!!! Ahhh, my position as BASBFF still stands. You gave me a scare for a moment there. I love the card. You still rock as mastah GROUND lady! haha. Love the card! You are dah bestest! Hugs, me


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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