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Putertired So very tired and man does it show!! I Have enough baggage under my eyes to go back to Utah 4 times!! eek ...

Happily back home from convention!! :) what a fun time had by all :)  So even though I was so proud that I had downloaded typepad into my phone so I could update you guys with news every 5 seconds it was easier said than done :( .. Reception was NOT great so it was very very difficult to publish posts!!

Anyhoo, I was glad that I was at least able to share the major news!! I am so excited about the catalog!! I truly truly love MANY stamps sets that have been unveiled.. I LOVE the new sizzix dies we are getting and the papers are just to die for!!  We even got a surprise gift stamp set at the end of convention.  Very exciting! and they even had "UPS" employees handing them out (it was really cute)

I think SU! did a great job (considering) the massive amounts of people.. the lines were SOO long (I literally waited on line for 2 1/2 hours to get to buy chapstick and a tote bag with SU logo on it!!) what a loser huh?? LOL..  It was scorching hot in Utah, but I think overall people had a fabulous time!! Now, I have to say something which I thought was rather strange, and well.. you ladies know who you are.  My  fabulous friend and convention roomie Sandra  and I witnessed the funniest fight EVER in the main hall on the convention center between 2 women OVER SWAPS.. yes SWAPS!!! OMG!! and people say new yorkers are feisty!! sheesh.. I seriously saw lots of people being really obnoxious over their swaps and it's really kind of sad because 1st of all, It's SO not that serious. and secondly, it's just not nice period.  I was actually turned down by someone who had a little gum holder thingie and she didn't even look at my swaps which were really elaborate and cute if I do say so myself!! lol.. so anyway that just goes to show you  - she could have been the proud owner of one of my masterpieces (LOL) but she said no. Oh well!! 

anyway girls, get your bank accounts ready and be extra nice to your hubbies because these catalogs ROCK!! (oh and I said catalogs, because the Spanish supplement is just TOO cute for words! I am really excited about it too! I think its wonderful that everyone is going to feel included and the choices are many for us to be extra creative!   

I have some new stamps sets to play with girls so be sure to check in for some new fun stuff soon!!


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