Snoozin' Sunday..


Bigbedwhew... I am just draggin' my rump around today! (and trust me, it's NOT pretty!!)

  Yesterday I went off to a super fun crop which was due to end at 6AM this morning!! Sadly I didn't stick it out until 6, but I did manage to crawl home at about 3:30AM!! SOOO much fun and so worth the baggage I'm lugging around under my eyes today!

I just NEEDED to share this cute little thing I made!  This was something that a lovely mommy-to-be custom ordered through my Etsy shop.  She wants to frame this for hanging in the nursery!  Isn't that sweet??  I should say that the inspiration for this print came from this card, she just wanted to change the colors up a bit, so this is what I came up with!!


I paper-pieced the trees and clouds and well, those adorable little owls just make it so easy don't they?

I am really hoping that she likes this!!  Thanks for checking in and hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be back to my ususal peppy self! (NOT!!) tee-hee!



  1. This is just too cute for words.
    Did you cut out the eyes? and if so, HOW???

  2. OMG love this... You are sooooooooo talented... Hugs,

  3. This is so cute! I am so happy that I found your blog!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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