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I mean to post this a few days ago, but of course.. totally spaced!  Didya guys check out my snazzy  new look??? I mean my blog of course!!  Somehow divine intervention put this amazing artist in my path, and only SHE could put up with my constant pestering and badgering and making changes and just meddling n everything!!  Courtney is AMAZING, and so cool, and well, I MUST thank her for her patience and her fantastic skills!  If you need ANY of her specialties - run, don't walk - and grab her if you can (her calendar is packed, and rightfully so!!!) Judith Shakes Designs is absolutely wonderful, professional and perfect all around.. & thanks to her my little blog has a sassy new look!!

Sooo.. how do we look?? Dancegirl2

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I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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