Sunday Sweets!


Happy Sunday!!! Sneezing
Still feelin yucky, but determined to cheer myself up somehow!! Wanna know just HOW sick I've been? I ran into Michaels yesterday with my mom 'cause she needed something andI walked out EMPTY-handed!!!  eeeek!! can you believe it??? Well there ya go... that's how you know it's bad!!

Anyway, movin' on, back to my stamping - I made this card using goodies from my QKD March Kit

I love these Arctic Frog papers - its such a fun color combo, and not one I would have thought of myself! I love that the red is added, it's such a cool twist!

The little purses were colored using Copic markers, which I am still so in love with! of course these images are fun to color because well.. they're mine! :) yay!!!

Very quick and simple card, but lots of fun!!

I made a bunch of cards already using this kit and I still have so much product left! I think this whole 6x6 paper idea for cards is fantastic because, I don't know about you BUT, if I use 12x12 sheets I make my cards and then still have a bunch of one sheet left and the Latin in me forbids me to throw anything out!!! so I end up with a HUGE pile of patterned paper scraps!! If anybody has any ideas of what I can do with them let me know!!  Anyhooo, this is nice because I'm using up the paper and it all coordinates wonderfully and well, I'm a happy stamper!!!

Hope you have a fun (and stamp-filled) Sunday!


  1. Love the colors! Great images too!
    Very pretty card!
    I always keep my patterned paper scraps...actually I keep all my scraps if they are decent size, usually 2 inches or bigger. I have actually file them I have 2 little cabinets, because sometimes I just need a little something on it.

  2. I keep my scraps too. :-)
    Beautiful cheery card.

  3. I always keep my scraps too, but they are in one big jumble.
    I get combos that I might not have though of before, though!
    Love the card and the stamp :)

  4. I keep all my paper scraps in a box because I hope to one day make some paper with the paper mold that I got 2 years ago. Think it will ever happen?
    How is your little one who was bitten by your dog? My SIL breeds pit bulls and I am so afraid that I am going to get a life changing call one day!

  5. So cute! Love those little purses!

  6. You've been awarded. check my blog. :)

  7. Very cute card!!! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hi,
    Love the colours!
    there's a suprise for you on my blog!

  9. I just got my stamps today. I love love love this set. Great job!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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