Fit for a Queen!


Finally! Got to play with my new Queen Kat Designs stamps! I LOVE these stamps! The quality is excellent and they are super sticky which I LOVE because nothing, and I mean nothing gets me more riled up than trying to clean a stamp and have it fly off the block and clear across the room, (after which, it will undoubtedly land on a piece of furniture which should have been dusted a year ago...and so, not only will my stamp resemble a powdered donut, but I will be forced to admit that instead of stamping I should be cleaning! heaven forbid!!)

Anyhoo, back to these delish toys I got to play with! I made this card using the Funky Flowers #2 collection, and the sentiment is also a QKD design. The paper is from the BasicGrey Blush collection - I bought one of those 6x6 pads and they last forever!!! I hope you likey!


I almost forgot! check out the QKD blog
to join the month-long Blog Party (and for a fabulous deal for free stamps!)

Who doesn't like parties??

I'm off to play some more!Yesssmileyf Happy Hump day everyone!!


  1. Mine get fuzzy when they go flying -- between cats and the dog ... yeah. Hairy stamps are no fun!

  2. Hi, Alex! Just blog-hopping. Loving the card! Looking forward to more of your beautiful creations. :)

  3. Love the card, Alex! I can't wait to see more.


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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