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Floralcakebella Let it be known that I can actually use a Bella and not alter it in any way!!! 

I've been very quiet the past couple of days, but it was for a good cause! I've been holed up playing with my brand new COPIC markers!! Hapydance YAY!!  I've been eyeing them for months and lord knows I am NO WAY near as good as some of you enablers out there who do masterpieces with these markers, but I figured it's worth a shot! 

Anyway, so far, I've tried doing all sort of shading, and I think I'm getting better.. I'd say I'm at the pre-school level right now...LOL.. but in the mean time, here's a cakeabella colored in kind of quickly, I was just itching to use this Basic Grey paper I found.  I also did some (not very straight) stitching, which is so much fun!!  I just don't want to get too good with the sewing machine otherwise DH is gonna start wanting all sorts of repairs!!! {shudder}

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! it looks like I have been abandoned.. I should have known something was up when DH jumped at the chance to buy me the Copic markers.. the same day he said "oh go ahead hon, put them on my card!!, please, as a gift.." (hmnn??)  sure enough, he informs me later that evening, "um, btw honey, I got a boat"   YES, A BOAT.. Cuckoo WHY WE NEED A BOAT IN NYC, I do not know.  So right now he's off playing Popeye somewhere in Oyster Bay.  welcome to my world.  I get markers, he gets a boat!...

Happy sailing all!!

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  1. okay I am thinking after looking at this I need some copic markers. How are they different and where do you get them? This is so cute


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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