" Food Shopping " anyone??


Ladies, I have found the guaranteed foolproof method for stopping those pesky stamp-purchasing inhibitors (AKA Husbands) yes - you read correctly - never again will you have to yank that poor, unsuspecting UPS Driver from atop his perch on that lovely "chocolate chip" truck, only to make the mad-dash into your stamping area to rapidly hide your precious goodies into the secret "new-stuff/contraband" drawer and clear away the evidence faster than OJ sprinted over the fence and chucked the glove by ripping the box into shreds and arranging it all into a neat pile to hide between the sale circulars and the Sunday edition of the New York Times which has finally dried out from when your beloved proceeded to spread all 500 pages of it over your bathroom floor.. yes my friends, welcome to my life.. only yesterday my shipment came late, late enough that I had just unloaded my stash onto the kitchen table and through my state of sheer bliss I heard hubby's car in the driveway so I had to act quickly - I flung the box down the basement stairs and as I quickly surveyed my loot I realized the 3 large punches and the itty bitty book could be thrown into my handbag, and so in they went.. but what to do with the 10+ stamp sets stacked before me??  And so I asked myself... what is the number one thing my hubby will never ever do? ( unless I "motivate" him with threats of permanent injury and/or promises of a future full of alimony payments??) well.. UNLOADING groceries, of course!!  and so, my safe-haven was created - see for yourself! Keyfood_1


And so my beloved rubbah sat completely cozy and undetected all through homework, dinner, American Idol, a multitude of trips into the kitchen, breakfast, and the reading of several newspapers this morning, until finally, with everyone safely out of the house, they were transported up to their loving new home... and so I not only saved the earth by recycling my shopping bags, but I saved my hiney as well!!Oh happy day to all!


  1. Sounds like something I do ... keep it in the trunk until he goes to sleep.

  2. lol that is brilliance on your part!!


I so appreciate your comments! Happy Scrapping! :)

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